About QAT

QAT was formed in September 2004, our major business services include air freight transportation, sea freight transportation for FCL and LCL; Furthermore, we also handle overweight and special specified cargos. Our service of ISO tank container transportation, ISO tank lease and ISO tank trade has been started since May 2009, the time that the first batch of our ISO TANK was bought. Besides, we continue to customize new ISO tank containers with well-known container manufacturer, CIMC, to spread our own container group.

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QA TRANSPORT Container Introduction

Our company provides ISO TANK container services, which can be loaded with liquid chemicals. It is currently recognized as the safest way to transport chemicals. We will regularly obtain third-party notarization certificates to ensure safe transportation containers. Our company has a professional team. Assist customers to complete the delivery of goods.


ISO TANK introduction

ISO tank container is the most efficient transportation for delivering industrial chemical goods. It is accredited with the safest chemical transportation. By multi-transportation to deliver liquids and gas creates unlimited benefits. It is able to transport a large number of commodities, increase delivery capacity, and reduce delivery costs.

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